Monday, November 2, 2009

La Bella Del Sur

It's been 37 months since i returned from from mission to Argentina. i miss it a lot. the people there are absolutely crazy but i love them because they are the kindest people i have ever met. here are a few pictures of my mission.

This is "Capital Federal". Buenos Aires is a province but also is the name for the city located within the province. kinda like the whole New York , New York thing. it's the capital and by far the largest city in the country. i heard it's the largest city in the southern hemisphere, i believe it too. it's HUGE. there were about 60 missionaries or so just in the big city covering millions and millions of residents. it's way crowded. a lot of the tall buildings you see here are not businesses but apartments.
The tower you see is called "El Obelisco" it's a monument they stuck in the middle of the city. the avenue leading into it is La Avenida 9 de Julio. it's the widest avenue in the world. it's a pain the butt trying to cross it.

These colorful buildings belong to what is called "El Caminito". it' s probably the biggest tourist attraction in the city. it has an interesting story. it's a village located in a port. back in the day this was an area full of prostitutes and transvestites... gross! but now because of the colorful buildings it's turned into a tourist attraction. the tranis and whores have moved a little further inland since then. on a normal day the streets are full of vendors, artists, musicians, and tango dancers. it's actually pretty nice.

Rio Grande, Tierra de Fuego, Argentina. this is about 500 miles from Antarctica. Tierra de Fuego is an island located on the very southern tip of Argentina. this was one of my favorite areas just because it was a completely new culture to me. i would love love love to go back and visit here someday.i chose this picture of apartments because the majority of the people in my area lived in apartments like these. these things are all over town so it's easy to get lost. the end. sorry if this isn't interesting.