Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rediscovering The Beatles

Any one who knows me knows that as a little kid i was the biggest Beatles fan ever. i remember  skating (yes, roller skating) around listening to them. they were the first band i really discovered for myself. it was their early stuff that hit me the hardest. i'm not sure exactly what happened the first time i heard them but it was like before that moment i had been asleep or at least deaf. when i first payed attention to their music all of my senses came into full effect. it was so happy (haha perfect roller skating music), so fresh, so full, so true, so good. my life soon changed thereafter. the first cd i owned was of the Beatles. i spent my time watching Help and A Hard Day's Night and Beatles documentaries. i even had the haircut. my nights consisted of me sitting in front of my dad's stereo listening to his Beatles records. the bug bit me big time. Ringo Starr was my favorite. so i decided i needed to play drums and that's how i got into music. anyone who knows me also knows that music is a big part of my life. the Beatles single-handedly got me into music. some time passed and one night i went to a campout at a friend's house. we all brought different music to listen to on his CD player. i brought the Beatles and when i put it on they turned it off within the first 10 seconds and made fun of me. then they put on TLC. for some reason that really affected me and i soon started losing interest. i still really liked them and when i heard their songs i always knew the words but i never listened to them by myself. until today. i was cleaning my room. i had my itunes on shuffle and the Beatles popped up and that same feeling i had when i first heard them came back. i feel alive. i feel good. 


Thome said...

i have recently become obsessd with the beatles. they are awesome

Lyndee said...

Wow, Aaron. That was epic. =)

Katie said...

the beatles = l o v e