Friday, October 30, 2009


i was reading through my blog and i noticed that there aren't very many entries at all and the entries i do have all usually tend to theme on music. i'm a music freak. it's my passion and i love it. but just because i'm crazy and it's the day before halloween i decided to do a halloween blog.
here's some memories of past halloweens and what it means to me.

1. when i was a kid i LOVED halloween mostly because of the free candy

2. i grew to hate halloween when i was a teenager because i was a scrooge but i love it again. mostly because of the free candy
3. my favorite costume i ever had was when i was like 4 or 5. i was the easter bunny. and i looked awesome

4. my least favorite costume of all time is the year i was obsessed with the Mighty Ducks and i went as a hockey player. i made the costume myself out of my soccer uniform. no one got it and i was scared to go down hills in my roller blades so i went home very upset, changed my costume to a soccer player and grudgingly walked around town in my cleats.

5. my favorite memory of halloween revolves around food (i'm chubby). when we were young my brother and sister would take me out to get candy with my mom and my dad would stay home and make hamburgers and homemade fries and pass out candy to the kids. his burgers always tasted best on halloween. one year we had a small party in my house and my uncle gordon was wearing a scary mask and i cried and cried cried. he was really scary that night.

6. my least favorite memory of halloween takes place when i was a senior in high school. i was 17 and i was stricken with appendicitis. i had my appendix removed about a week before halloween but also had an infection due to the surgery. i was released from the hospital just a few days before halloween. my brother and sister were already out of the house because they're older than me and my parents went somewhere else for halloween. i was confined to the couch and couldn't walk. so i turned off the lights and laid on the couch by myself staring at the ceiling listening to kids having fun. it sucked.

7. i LOVE haunted houses. i think they're so much fun. when i was like 8 or so we had a "haunted house" in my den. i don't remember if it was scaring or not but i kinda want to work in a haunted house next year. it'll be fun to scare the kids.

8. this year i'm dressing as a boat....? i'm not sure why. i have no idea where the idea came from but i just wanted to be something big. i need to build it sometime today but i'm kinda nervous about how to go about building a boat. noah had the same problem.


toridickson said...

i loved dressing up for halloween. but i remember my parents always made me and my brother put all our candy in a big bucket to share with everyone. it made me so mad. i think it was just because my parents wanted free candy too.

kellie said...

number four made me laugh out loud.

i've never really been a fan of halloween [besides the free candy deal, of course]. i can never think of anything to dress up as.

going as a boat, though? genius, aaron.

Vickie said...

Nephi, also had the same problem.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

the brother of jared also had the same problem

Thome said...

so did the people who made the titanic